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Huge git repository, anyone?

17 Mar 2014 / system

Today I started working on existing Rails project; nothing realy special. I got access to git repository and everything that comes with it. After cloning repository to my local drive I found out that repository is bigger than 300MB.

So the challenge was to move repository into GitHub, but before doing that reduce the size of it. This is what I did.

Finding biggest files

The easies way to find files was with find command. This is how you find files bigger than 10MB on OSX.

find . -size +10MB -print

You can either remove this files; add them to .gitignore and instruct developers to download them separately.

Cleaning Git repository

Git comes with handy "tool" called git-gc. Command runs several housekeeping tasks within the current repository, such as compressing file revisions (to reduce disk space and increase performance) and removing unreachable objects.

git gc --aggressive --prune=now

Command options are

# [..] This option will cause
# git gc to more aggressively optimize the
# repository at the expense of
# taking much more time.

# [..] Prune loose objects
# older than specific date

Removing everything?

After removing everything from repository that could be moved and running git-gc; I found out that possibly the best way would be to just remove .git and start project again - just with plain code.

rm -rf .git
git init

This is how I trimmed a few MB from the project. :)

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